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UST Corrective Action Information

Regulations for UST Corrective Action Activities are located in ADEM Administrative Code R. 335-6-15 and 335-6-16.

The UST Corrective Action Section oversees the investigation and remediation of releases from underground storage tanks (USTs). Tank owners submit technical plans and reports to the UST Corrective Action Section for review and comment. The general sequence of events after a release is reported includes:
  • a Preliminary Investigation
  • an On-Site Secondary Investigation
  • an Off-Site Secondary Investigation
  • Groundwater monitoring to evaluate plume stability
  • Risk assessment to determine site-specific target levels
  • Preparation of a corrective action plan
  • Implementation of a corrective action plan
  • Monitoring well and/or remediation system abandoment and removal
  • Environmental Covenant execution
  • Issuance of a letter of No Further Action
Over 11,950 UST releases have been reported to the Department. As of March 2016, approximately 10,770 releases have been cleaned up. Currently, 1,170 UST release incidents are under investigation and remediation.

UST Release Incident List

Owners and operators of underground storage tanks are required to report suspected releases to the Department immediately upon discovery and in no case later than 24 hours following discovery. The reported releases which are required to have additional investigative and/or corrective actions performed are assigned a UST Release Incident Number by the Department.

The Incident Number is comprised of three parts which reflect the fiscal year that the number is assigned, the month of assignment and the consecutive release identified that month.

A list of issued release incidents is maintained by the Department and will be updated periodically and posted on the website. This list is a comprehensive listing of all release incidents assigned by the Department since the UST regulations went into effect. Those sites having received a No Further Action letter have an "x" in the "NFA Issued" field.

Please note that this list will be revised to reflect new information regarding new release incidents, owner address changes, tank owner name changes, etc. For more information about a specific release, a file review may be scheduled by contacting the Department. You may also go to the e-File program on the ADEM website and find file material that has been scanned for UST release incidents.

Redevelopment and UST Release Sites

Guidance for Proper Management and Disposal of Well Development and Purge Water From Petroleum UST and AST Release Sites August 2015

Alabama Risk-Based Corrective Action for USTs (ARBCA) November 2001

This is the revised November 2001 guidance manual. These files comprise the guidance manual for the development of alternate corrective action limits under the underground storage tank program. The evaluation forms and program software can be obtained through the Groundwater Branch for a fee.

UST Closure Site Assessment Guidance (September 2007)

NEW! The UST Closure Assessment Report Form 474 has been revised. Revisions have been made to Section 8e and 8f. Please use this form for the submittal of UST closure site assessment reports.
October 2017 UST Closure Assessment Report Form 474 m3

Alabama Underground Storage Tank Release Investigation and Corrective Action Guidance Manual
(May 1995)
(Available upon request from the UST Program Staff) This guidance provides information about the various investigative and corrective action issues within the program.